images_125662b419f322e2cb8c68871e13d0b7.jpgTortall is a large, prosperous kingdom in the Eastern Lands. Its capital is Corus. The flag of Tortall is a silver blade and crown on a royal-blue field, which is also the seal and standard of House Conté, the royal family of Tortall.


Tortall is a feudal monarchy, currently ruled by the Conté royal family. Like most of the Eastern Lands, the Code of Ten forms the basis of its government. Nobles make up the backbone of the power structure of Tortall, exercising considerable—although not unlimited—control over their own fiefdoms. All nobles swear fealty to the monarch, who rules with the help of advisers. There is a Council of Lords and a Council of Commons who vote on funds. This shows that the government is not an autocratic monarchy or dictatorship. There is also an employment of a Prime Minister. During the reign of Jonathan IV of Conté, Sir Gareth the Younger, is his prime minister and chief adviser.

Ruling Monarch of Tortall
The following is a list of known rulers of Tortall:

  • Baird III of Tortall, reigned in the second century HE, established the Provost’s Guard
  • Jonathan I, the first of his name, wrote the Scroll of Salute honoring four noble families of Tortall. It is unknown when he reigned
  • Roger II of Conté, ruled during the time of Rebakah Cooper. Ended slavery in Tortall.
  • Gareth of Conté, ruled after Roger II, his father. Called “The Strong”
  • Jasson I of Conté, “The Conqueror”, added many lands to Tortall
  • Roald II of Conté, “The Peace-maker/keeper”, son of King Jasson
  • Jonathan IV of Conté & Queen Thayet, joint rulers of Tortall

Of course, the amount of rulers is probably far larger than this. Unlike Queen Lianne, Thayet was mentioned because she is co-ruler of Tortall with her husband and shares equal power, as opposed to just the wife of the ruler of the country.

The Conté family had been ruling Tortall for centuries, yet it is unknown when and how they came to power.


The military includes a standing army, the King’s Own, the Queen’s Riders, semi-independent knights, and troops levied from local lords. Bandit raids are a problem throughout the kingdom, and border-raids from Scanra are common. Wars have occurred such as The Immortals War, the Scanran War, and the Tusaine War.


Farming and fishing along the coastlines, are the main sources of food and wealth in Tortall. Corus and Port Legann are also trading centers. Tortall is considered to be a prosperous nation, even with its various poor.

History and Culture

Originally Tortall was only a state in the Thanic Empire. It became a sovereign nation 630 years before Alanna the Lioness’s time, the same time when the Tortallan Books of Nobility were begun. The country was much smaller than during Jonathan IV of Conté’s rule, as it was before Tortall’s expansion through conquest. Present-day Tortall includes many conquered lands, among them Barzun. Tortall, by dint of absorbing the Bazhir tribes and other nations, as well as being a center of commerce and learning, is very multicultural, at least in Corus. The policies of the monarchs also help to speed this along.


provost__s_dog_uniform_by_maseiya-d4amnyg.jpgThe law in Tortall is kept and upheld by the Provost’s Guard, which was founded in the second century of the Human Era. In the third century, strict laws were in place. For example, a sentenced counterfeiter was boiled in oil and someone who knowingly kept counterfeits in circulation had his or her hand lopped off. Apart from that, the law was also very strict when a guardsman or guardswoman was attacked or if children were harmed. Slavery was still allowed in that time, although there were already progressive tendencies to ban it and illegal slave auctions—which were only illegal because they didn’t pay the demanded taxes to the Crown—caused some trouble in that time. People holding slaves were responsible for their doings and could be imprisoned when their “vicious slaves” did any harm.

Slavery was prohibited in Tortall by decree of King Roger II in 249 HE, after Prince Gareth was kidnapped, enslaved, and subsequently rescued by the Provost’s Guards.

Known wars

-The nation of Barzun is conquered by King Jasson I15 (various other wars of conquest by King Jasson were also conducted around this time.)
-Tusaine War—The Tortallans were victorious against Tusaine, keeping their territories.
-Immortals War—Although the toll was great, the outcome still went in the Tortallans’ favor.
-Scanran War—After losing a lot of soldiers and civilians to the killing devices, the Tortallans were able to win the war.


Most Tortallans worship primarily Mithros and the Goddess, along with any of the other Greater and Lesser Gods. Mithran priests are trained in the City of the Gods.


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