Location and Position of Tortall and Surrounding Nations

To the North of Tortall lies the Scanra Empire. The Vassa River lies between Tortall and Scanra and has a typical terrain of wild and rocky terrain and maintaining cold temperatures. Scanra was once renown for their furs and mining industry but with a feudal based Empire they are currently under Civil War and trade has significantly diminished. The Scanrans are known for their prowess on the sea and are even feared by pirates.

The kingdom of Galla lies to the Northeast of Tortall and is famous for their mountains, ancient royal line, and the Grand Fair which is hosted at the end of March each year.

Tusaine, a small country to the East of Tortall, is a Parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Currently there is rumored trouble with Tusaine as they are beginning to start a territorial dispute of the Drell River Valley – which is the border between the two nations.

To the East of Tusaine lies Maren." The mysterious, yet well known, Shang school lies hidden within the Empire. Beyond Maren is the kingdom Sarain which rests just beneath the Roof of the World.

A merchant republic, Tyra, which is to the Southeast of Tortall is a mostly swamp terrain.

The West of Tortall is bordered entirely by the Emerald Ocean. Both the Copper Isles and the Yamani Islands lie within this area. The Copper Isles consists of primarily jungle and rocky highlands and is ran by a monarchy. Unlike other kingdoms, the Copper Isles is traditionally ruled by a Warrior Queen and they are known for their slave trade. Unlike the Copper Isles, The Yamani Islands – which are set to the North – are ruled by an Emperor and they follow very strict etiquette.

Below the Great Inland Sea lies the Carthaki Empire. Their terrain is desert based and the primary industry is gold. An absolute monarchy, the empire is known to an ancient and powerful slaveholding empire.

Generally, the different nations are very civilized with a partial exception to the inhabitants of the Great Southern Desert which only has one city, Persopolis, and largely consists of tribes and renegades. The Carthaki are also considered colonial based which would be the median between the Southern Desert and Tortall in comparison.

The Carthaki Empire, and the Great Southern Desert is based on the Middle East. Scanra on Nordic/Viking culture. Yamani, Maren and Sarain on Eastern.

The two primary lost civilizations, or people, are considered the Old Ones and the Nameless Ones. All that really remains are ancient scrolls, ruins and artifacts. Though in present day the language is still known mostly among Sorcerers and serious scholars, and one true city of the Nameless Ones remain – The Black City – which is located abandoned in the Great Southern Desert in view of the City of Persopolis.


Location and Position of Tortall and Surrounding Nations

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